Welcome to the Barony of Altavia in the Kingdom of Caid

by Duchess Kara the Twin of Kelton (Diane Granander) CRISTOFANUS CASTELLANI and CECILIA MEDICI
The Baron and Baroness of Altavia

Altavia News

From Their Excellencies


Happy Spring, we have so much going on ¬†and would love to get as many Altavian’s involved as possible. Please include all new comers in your conversation about coming and being a part of upcoming events. First up is Dun Or this weekend. We will have the dragon wing but not for Robin Hood On Sunday (unless Angels request it. We will have the dragon wing at Wintermist on the 30th if we get enough Altavian’s going. Please feel free to drop off donations to feed those Baronies Horses. As some of you may have heard we no longer have the truck so we are looking for a quartermasters that can tow. We have anniversary covered but could use a tow for Potrero. We are looking into fixing the tow on our Equinox so we can tow to GWW. Speaking of Potrero, do we want the Pavilion or should we just use the dragon wing to save space. This is a call out to bakers. We need baked goods for anniversary. Please have ingredients available for all donations. Also any donations of small candies (non melting kind) for the treasure chest at anniversary would be greatly appreciated. We are also looking for your recomendations for awards to be given at Anniversary. If you are part of a polling order, check with your order and get us some names! This is for all vert fret groups, Starre and Stone, etc…
Please send us your recommendations.



~ Mistress Cecilia Medici

Baroness of Altavia

The Barony of Altavia is based in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California
and covers the following zip codes: 90263, 90265, 91040, 91042, 91300-91399, 91400-91499, 91500-91599, 91600-91699

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