Welcome to Barony of Altavia in the Kingdom of Caid

At Altavia’s 31st Anniversary Tournament on May 10th, 2014, Baron Secca and Baroness Meliora will be stepping down from Altavia’s thrones.
The Baronial Succession Process
At Yule THL Cristofanus Castellani and Mistress Cecilia Medici were introduced as Altavia Heirs!

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THL Secca of Kent and THL Meliora Deverel, Baron and Baroness of Altavia

Altavia News

April 17th – Medb’s birthday!
Saturday, April 19th – Dun Or Anniversary
  • Located in Lancaster, CA
  • We will be setting up the dragon wing at 9:30am
Tuesday, April 22nd – A&S Craft night!
  • We’ll be making Viking bags!
  • Located at CSUN – Activity Room 1
  • Starting at 7:00pm
  • Bring a yard of scrap fabric (linen or wool are best) and sewing machine if you can
  • We’ll provide some supplies so just come and help if you don’t have fabric or sewing machine

April 24th – Caitlin’s birthday!

April 25th – Brother D’s birthday!

Sunday, April 27th – Robin Hood Tournament!

April 29th – Elsbeth’s birthday!

 The Barony of Altavia is based in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California
and covers the following zip codes: 90263, 90265, 91040, 91042, 91300-91399, 91400-91499, 91500-91599, 91600-91699

 SCA Introduction Flyer (Word doc)
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