Welcome to the Barony of Altavia in the Kingdom of Caid

by Duchess Kara the Twin of Kelton (Diane Granander)CRISTOFANUS CASTELLANI and CECILIA MEDICI
The Baron and Baroness of Altavia

Altavia News

From Their Excellencies

Happy 2016 and I look forward to a great year. I hope you have all recuperated from the holidays. Yule was so much fun thank you to all who put so much time and thought into such a memorable evening.

This last weekend was 12th night/Coronation/QC. I had a fun time and want to thank Amalith, Courtney and Cora for driving and keeping me entertained on the journey. I also have the ransom to get my socks back. I was pleased to be announced as the winner of the dirty dozen. This was a team effort by Baron Cristof, the Baronial Cutie Natalia and myself. The idea itself came from a project Countess Bridget asked me to do and after 3 different samples made we came up with the screen printed Caid idea. I know it was thought that Niko did the glitter part, and would like to make him Altavia’s official glitter deputy.  A special thank you to Baroness Asakura who was instrumental in supplying most of the largess given in the Royal baskets.

Please donate to our largess to be given out. Nothing is too small. Share your talents with the society!  I am going to start up the the to collect for food for the horses for up coming baskets. It’s always a welcome gift and something everyone can help with. I want to ask forgiveness of the December babies which did not get their B-day song last month. Hopefully you were there last night as I combined the December and January birthdays at last nights practice. We are planning on attending Angels Melee this weekend and will have the dragon wing. We will not be at Unbelted, nor will we be at Talon Crescent :(.

  • YIS,

    ~ Mistress Cecilia Medici

    Baroness of Altavia

The Barony of Altavia is based in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California
and covers the following zip codes: 90263, 90265, 91040, 91042, 91300-91399, 91400-91499, 91500-91599, 91600-91699

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