Baronial Award Ceremonies

Altavia Baronial Award Ceremonies

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There are those who have made this Barony a more beautiful place by their artistic endeavors. Thus was created the Order of the Argent Fret.

Therefore, Their Excellencies call forward……


A Barony is enriched by the participation and contributions of all its members, and yet, there are those who, through continuous and sincere effort, have especially distinguished themselves in service to Their Barony. So that these people may be honored, as they deserve, thus was created the Order of the Sable Fret.

Now, therefore, do Their Excellencies call forth the following to present themselves before this court…

And, for augmentations on this award, Their Excellencies call forth:


Prowess displayed upon the field is only one measure of an individual, for skill without honor and chivalry is a hollow display. In order for these skills and ideals to flourish, there must be those that are willing to dedicate their time to sharing their knowledge and values. Those persons that set an example both on the field and through their dedication to teaching within the Barony are especially deserving of recognition. So that these people may be honored, as they rightly deserve, thus was created the Order of the Vert Fret.

Now therefore, do Their Excellencies call forth the following to present themselves before this court….

(Note: we will get the poll results at the event)


Retiring Officer: Your Excellencies, I (NAME), (OFFICER) of Altavia, for reasons which Your Excellencies have been apprised of, do beg leave to be relieved of my duties.

Baron: Have you nominated a successor to this office?

Retiring Officer: I have, your Excellencies, and I call forward (NAME)

(New officer comes forward)

Baroness: (Successor Name), are you prepared to accept and execute the duties of the office of (Office)?

Successor: I am, Your Excellencies, and I pledge to faithfully serve you, the Barony and the Kingdom of Caid.

Baron: Let the title pass.

(Baron and retiring officer invest the successor with any emblems of the office).

Baron: Before the populace of Altavia, I do here invest you (Name), as (Officer). May all good will and fortune attend you.

AECHAN (Altavian Youth Award)

Children at play are a joy to behold. They inspire us with their creativity, energy and wonder. They remind us that playing games is fun….and aren’t we all just playing a big fun game?! A person of tender years who contributes to our game by their artistic endeavors, ferocity at swordplay and earnest desire to help is a precious treasure to be honored. Thus was created the Order of the Aechan, to be given to a child whose ability to play is matched by their desire to serve.

Now, therefore, do Their Excellencies call forward….


The bearer of this Green Card holds the rights, privileges and honors like unto all citizens of our noble Barony, regardless of the person’s place of abode. This card is valid as long as the bearer upholds the high ideals of the Barony and remains in the good graces of the bestowers. By our hands,

Ceremony for Admission to the Starre and the Stone

HERALD: Their Excellencies request the presence of all Companions of the Starre and the Stone

As companions approach, herald continues:

The order of the Starre and the Stone was first created by Duryn and AElfwyn in 1995 as the Estella de Vida, then registered to Altavia as the Star and the Stone in August of 1997. It is Altavia’s extraordinary service award, given to holders of the Sable Fret who continue to provide extraordinary service and support to the Barony and  (most importantly) throughout the Kingdom. The order was retired, but because of the exemplary work of some that it was reinstated by Baron Cristofanus and Baroness Cecilia in 2014.

BARON:  Does the order feel at this time that your numbers are not yet complete?

PRINCIPAL: Your excellencies, the members of the order have been polled and hereby present our recommendation(s).

Principal hands the Baron/Baroness a slip of paper, which he reads and hands to the herald.

BARONESS: We are pleased to confirm your recommendation. Herald, please summon the candidate(s).

HERALD: At this time, Their Excellencies call forth ____________

Be it known to all to whom these presents shall come that _______________, has, through sustained and extraordinary efforts on behalf of the Barony shone forth like a light of a guiding star, ever seeking the greater good of both the Barony Altavia and the Kingdom of Caid. In recognition of the we do hereby admit him/her to the Right and Noble Order of the Starre and the Stone

Given by our hands this ____ day of ____, AS,____ being ______ in the common reckoning.

B&B can say few words

HERALD: Go now and be welcomed into the Order

Three cheers for the newest member(s) of the Order of the Starre and the Stone.