Altavian Baronial Coronets

Baroness AElfwyn models the new coronet

During Altavia’s early years the barony had no official coronets for the Baron and Baroness; each couple supplied their own coronets.

At the end of their reign, Baron Duryn and Baroness AElfwyn worked with the Barony to make new official coronets to be handed to each new Baron and Baroness.

The new Baronial coronets were made  by Megan de Barri from sheet nickel and brass. They included for green aventurine stones that were cut and polished by Bridget Lucia Mackenzie.

The coronets were first worn by Baron Duryn and Baroness AElfwyn at their stepping down and then by Baron Laertes and Baroness Bridget stepping up, on January 8, 2005.

Close ups of the finished coronets

From raw slabs of aventurine to polished stones

Bridget, who is experienced in lapidary, cut and polished the aventurine (a green stone with gold flecks) stones used in the Coronets. Below are photos of the stone polishing by Bridget.