The Harping of Lord Robert Wright of Darach,
and the Sable Fretting of his lady-wife, Lady Eleyn Scrivener

March 5, 2006

Long the Barony of Altavia searched to find a woodworker to fashion 2 new Baronial Thrones. Years passed, and the search appeared in vain, starting, then stopping due to unforeseen circumstances. Finally a name came to mind, a name associated with great skill with wood and strong desire for service. This gentle was known to Baroness Bridget for his skill in making spinning tools and other fine items. He was an integral part of the Darach Woodworkers' Guild. And so, the Lord Robert Wright of Darach was asked in November 2005 if he would take on the commission to build 2 Altavian Thrones. He agreed, on one condition, that he would not accept payment for the building.

For his great gift of skill, the Baron and Baroness of Altavia were preparing to bespeak unto Their Majesties that perhaps an award equal might be bestowed. But no! Word came that Lord Robert and his family were to leave the kingdom to seek their fortunes elsewhere, and soon! So Baron Laertes and Baroness Bridget did quickly speak to Their Majesties, telling of the deeds of this Woodworker of Darach. With Royal Authority and Permission, Their Excellencies made their way to the hills of Darach, to find Lord Robert before he moved out-of-kingdom. Thus on March 4, the loading of wagons was stopped for a brief moment for Lord Robert Wright to be awarded a Harp Argent for Woodworking. The Harp medallion was Bridget's own, there being no time to obtain a new one from the Royal treasury.

There was also the matter of missing materials receipts, so the Barony of Altavia was not able to even pay for the materials Lord Robert purchased! For her part in allowing Lord Robert to take food from the mouths of his children and gifts from their small hands at Yuletime, the Lady Eleyn was awarded the Altavian Sable Fret for Service. Actually, the Sable Fret was more for allowing her good husband to follow his Muse in creating these finely worked thrones. It was a great gift of service and sacrifice she gave to him to allow him the time to make the Thrones.

The photos above are from this Harping and Fretting ceremony.

So, although they have left our Kingdom, please know here the deeds of Lord Robert Wright and his wife, Lady Eleyn Scrivener. The Barony of Altavia thanks you for your fine skill and service to Barony and Kingdom.

Laertes and Bridget
Baron and Baroness of Altavia