April 2018

No fooling we are stepping down next month at Altavia’s Anniversary and we are so happy to have such wonderful heirs. We will be day tripping to Starkhafn this weekend for Saturday only but will not be able to attend Dun Or or Nordwache Anniversary. Please join other Altavians to make presentations in our honor. Congratulations to Eirikr for winning Robin Hood thrown weapons and Ellana for winning high score in her rank as a Bowman in archery. Niko, you did a great job in setting up and running the thrown weapons tournament. It was a lot of fun! We are having our last meeting before Anniversary this Thursday at Corals in Burbank. I encourage all to help us put together a fantasy mid summer experience. All hands are needed and welcomed.  We will be attending Wintermist‘s anniversary in May, and it is our last event as Altavia’s Baron and Baroness. I do hope you all will join us. It has been a pleasure to serve you all.

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~

Baroness of Altavia