March 15, 2017

We sprang forward with a force. Thank you to Meliora, Matlens, Colwyn, Alexander, all the fighters, and notorious byes. And Congrats to our finalist Gerrick and the winner of the evening Collin. It was a lot of fun for all that were there.

Cristof and I will be at Al-Sahid Anniversary this weekend and are running the archery and Thrown Weapons tournaments. If we do not have that many Altavians going we will only have a pop up on the range were we will be all day.

Cristof will be at practice this Sunday with equipment both archery and Thrown Weapons unless it rains.

He will also be running Thrown Weapons on Pentathlon Saturday until I get out of my first aid class. I will come out and stay over with Brianna and Cassandra.

We have a room (2 beds in second room and queen sofa in living room) for Starkhafn Anniversary April 7-9th. The event is in Parump so it’s about a 45 min to one hour drive. Let me know if you are interested.

Looking forward to school demo on March 30th.

As always we are hoping our artisan’s will donate to upcoming baskets for upcoming events.

March question: What are your plans for St Patrick’s Day

  • Natalyya – Going to Disneyland
  • Cecilia – Going to Disneyland
  • Cristof – Not sure, what are you doing?
  • Niko – I don’t Know???
  • Anne – Corned Beef
  • Brigid – Corned Beef
  • Juanica – Hang out with my Irish husband
  • Annwylydd – Driving Cora to Long beach
  • Courtney – I don’t know
  • Meliora – Not Sure!
  • Milinda – Watching Darby O’Gill
  • Monique – Chillin with meatloaf and mashed sweet potatoes
  • Santiago – Nada
  • Damien of Biden – Not having corned beef
  • Briana – Going to Cassandra’s cousins shindig

Door Prize winners:

  • Courtney – heart frame (for last months drawing that I was not at)
  • Niko – felted note pad
  • Meliora – necklace set

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~
Baroness of Altavia