April 10, 2017

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail delivering his eggs to all so I’ll keep this short so you can all get your baskets ready.

We had a great time at Starkahfn Anniversary and I want to thank Niko and Leartes for joining us.

This weekend is Dun Or and we hope to see more of you and those who can not make it we want to wish you a Happy Easter.

We will be at Robin hood the 23rd but the weekend of the 28th-29th we will be carnies doing face painting and henna tattooes at Saint Charles Church.

Then we will be at crown with dragon wing. I had a discussion with her Majesty Bridget and kingdom seneschal Christain, and came up with a great solution to long anniversary courts and I would like to try it at our upcoming anniversary.

We will hold a baronial court starting at 9:30am and will then be joined at 10am with the Royals and populace that had not already gathered.

Here we will do officer changes and court and guard thanks. We have been lax in following corp. law by not having these officer and court swearing ins, so as not to make court long. I hope you all agree and we can be first barony to try this.

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~
Baroness of Altavia