May 8, 2017

May is here, the showers are gone??? Flowers are blooming and Caid has Heirs!!!

Unfortunately they will not be in attendance at anniversary as will the King who is out of the country – but hopefully the regalia will make it to Anniversary. So my Great Grandma the Queen will be joining us in the Altavia Pavilion.

I would like all who bring snacks to serve them in period like containers. I want her majesty to be proud of her Barony.

We do have a full day planned and we will be there at 7:30am; all who can come early to help will be greatly appreciated.

We will be asking for letters to select the next Baron and Baroness of Altavia. Please look for the online form right after Anniversary. I look forward to all your letters 🙂

We will hold a question and answer session at a council meeting to be determined and then polling will take place. Our heirs will be announced at yule:)

I’d also like to encourage you all to enter Arts and Sciences.

We will be going to Wintermist and will present a basket to the new prince and princess. Anyone who wishes to donate to that please do so at Monday night practice.

And who’s ready for war baby!!! Potrero is coming. we would like to host a potluck with Drieburgen, but the B&B will not be in attendance. We could still do something with some of the populace (like contact Master Donal – I’m just saying Yeah). His excellency and I plan on coming up late (very late) Friday or Sat. Morning.

Our May birthdays are:

Matlens the 10th
Letizia the 11th
Raffe and Ellie the 12th

If I missed your birthday please let me know.

To all you Mothers … Happy Mothers Day:)

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~
Baroness of Altavia