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It’s a new year, let us toast to a year that is happy and prosperous! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to get back to work! We started the New Year with 12th and Coronation. Thank you to all who worked on items for the dirty dozen. Altavia made up half of the entries! Briana, Cristof, and I attended Privy Council and a lot was discussed. I’ll be bringing up key points in the near future. A big portion of the discussion was regarding 40 Year Celebration, which is in June. It is a camping event (Thursday – Monday) and we are asking for anyone to help with stewarding the many activities we have planned. Please check your OP. If it is not up to date, let us, or Damien know so that we can change whatever needs to be added/deleted. We are down to our last 5 months as Baron and Baroness. We hope to get to as many events as we can. We know we will leave Altavia in great care with Niko and Briana.

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~

Baroness of Altavia

The most interesting war in the known world … Great Western War just happened and it was interesting yes, but fabulous most definitely!

Congratulations to Courtney and Annwyll on a beautiful wedding!

This was the biggest Altavia camp ever and was so much fun. Briana and I got there Sunday with the help of Baron Cristof, (he had to leave but came back on Friday with Vanessa and Natalya). Monique and Cassandra saved the day by bringing up targets for thrown weapons. I want to thank all who volunteered at war and I hope all of you can say something about your volunteering experience to all the newcomers and those who didn’t make it to let them know how much fun you had volunteering.

Thank you to Baroness Asakura for her donation of largess. We have some great prizes for Agincourt now. A special thanks to Niko for the mouse that was left at Drieburgen’s camp. And so it begins!

Agincourt is on the 29th, but before that the Baron and I look forward to seeing you Sunday at Woodley Park for Caid Open Archery and TW. We will be there about 8:00am. Both Caid Open and Agincourt will be at Woodley Park. Please arrive early to help with set up. The 28th is Drieburgen Anniversary! Get your dead on and join us. We will have the Dragon wing and will be there about 9am. I wonder if our little mouse will attend?

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~

Baroness of Altavia

Can you believe it’s already September?

Ballots are out for our vote of confidence. I don’t know about you but I really look forward to Briana and Niko as the next Baron and Baroness.

If you missed Highland War you missed a great time. It was so much fun; we danced, we drank, we threw, we shot with people, who could ask for anything more? Well, there was the pool and the ghier (yurt, I can’t spell ghier) and we may have claimed Dreiburgen’s Dragon wing, well half at least, and did I mention water balloons??

Crown is this weekend! Many hands make less work! We will have the Dragon wing and the baronial pavilion so please come out as close to 7 AM as possible.

Then we have Privy Council the next day here at Niko’s church (but in the Yule hall). All snacks are welcome and you can stay if you really want to! I’ll be a little late, I have to pick my daughter up at the airport in Burbank, and then I’ll head over.

Then Great Western War comes a few weeks after that! I can’t wait! We have a wedding and all sorts of fun activities planned. Please keep track of the Altavia Facebook group for more updates!

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~

Baroness of Altavia



Pennsic was so much fun. A true CAIDIAN experience. There, you are not just from Altavia or Angels etc… , you are Caidian and we came together as a Kingdom. It is really cool how close you become to your Caidian cousins. A must for all bucket lists!

At our council meeting on August 22nd we will introduce the candidates for the next Baron and Baroness of Altavia. Speak now or …. we are so fortunate to have such an amazing couple and I look forward to a fun filled next reign and a happy retirement.

Before that we have Highland War in a couple weeks and we will host the handfasting of Magdalena.

We will be hosting September Crown and Privy Council meeting on September 16th and 17th (after we attend Angels Anniversary on September 9th). Come help with set up and tear down at those events.

Agincourt and GWW will be here before you know it and we will host the wedding of Courtney and Annwyll at GWW!

December brings Yule and we will be looking for help with our Viking vs Roman Holiday event we share with the Barony of Angels. And it is there we will officially announce our heirs!”

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~

Baroness of Altavia

How hot can it get? Well, we sure are testing Caid’s limits and we are hot and so are our upcoming events!

This weekend is Coronation and Queens Champion and we have some fun antidotes for our presentation to the new King and Queen and are looking for volunteers (over-actors wanted).

We look forward to a long celebration with two of our favorite people who are being elevated to Laurels – our champion, Niccolo, and our very own Medb. Come join us for their elevations as well as wishing adieu to our King Agrippa and Queen Bridget.

Anyone who has largess for the outgoing or incoming royals, please get it to me a soon as possible.

We will also be at Queens Champion with the Dragon wing the following day and the following weekend we will be in Ridgecrest for Queens Champion Archery and TW.

The next day we will be in Darach for Altavia /Darach’s Equestrian event. Please join us for all the fun and excitement!

Cristof and I will be going to Pennsic so we will not be at any Caid events from July 28 through August 13.

There is still time to turn in your letters of intent for the next B&B. We’ve had one fabulous letter turned in so far.

Stay cool Altavia!

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~

Baroness of Altavia

June gloom has attacked his excellency and me. hopefully we will recoup and be back to normal soon. It grieved me to miss Collegium (especially after all the prep work getting ready for the classes, at least now I’m ready for classes at GWW) Just a reminder we are still looking forward to receiving your letters of intent for the next Baron and Baroness of Altavia. If you have any questions as to what is expected feel free to ask us. We will not be able to attend Nordwache Anniversary. If anyone is planning on going please let me know so we can send a basket. We will be attending Gyldenholt Anniversary, and on July 8th Lyondomere Anniversary. Any donations of largess for baskets is always happily accepted. Please feel free to donate to feeding their horses.

I want to thank Monique and Brigid for a wonderful anniversary. I don’t know about you all, but I had a fabulous time and had a fantastic day. So many champions so little time!

The year is flying by and Agincourt and Yule are right around the corner. Vanessa has volunteered to represent Altavia as steward and would like to see more newcomers jump on board to help out. Our theme is Roman Holiday.

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~
Baroness of Altavia

Baron Cristof and I have had the pleasure of serving Altavia as Baron and Baroness for 4 years and are looking forward to serving as part of Altavia’s populace.

It is not an easy thing to step down as we love this Barony deeply, however there are many of you out there that are willing and very capable of serving the Barony of Altavia as we have and our parents, grand parents great grandparents…. before us.

And so it is with heavy hearts we now ask the populace to submit letters to be the next Baron and Baroness (Baroness and Baroness or Baron and Baron) of Altavia.

Yours Ever in Service,

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~
Baroness of Altavia

May is here, the showers are gone??? Flowers are blooming and Caid has Heirs!!!

Unfortunately they will not be in attendance at anniversary as will the King who is out of the country – but hopefully the regalia will make it to Anniversary. So my Great Grandma the Queen will be joining us in the Altavia Pavilion.

I would like all who bring snacks to serve them in period like containers. I want her majesty to be proud of her Barony.

We do have a full day planned and we will be there at 7:30am; all who can come early to help will be greatly appreciated.

We will be asking for letters to select the next Baron and Baroness of Altavia. Please look for the online form right after Anniversary. I look forward to all your letters 🙂

We will hold a question and answer session at a council meeting to be determined and then polling will take place. Our heirs will be announced at yule:)

I’d also like to encourage you all to enter Arts and Sciences.

We will be going to Wintermist and will present a basket to the new prince and princess. Anyone who wishes to donate to that please do so at Monday night practice.

And who’s ready for war baby!!! Potrero is coming. we would like to host a potluck with Drieburgen, but the B&B will not be in attendance. We could still do something with some of the populace (like contact Master Donal – I’m just saying Yeah). His excellency and I plan on coming up late (very late) Friday or Sat. Morning.

Our May birthdays are:

Matlens the 10th
Letizia the 11th
Raffe and Ellie the 12th

If I missed your birthday please let me know.

To all you Mothers … Happy Mothers Day:)

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~
Baroness of Altavia

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail delivering his eggs to all so I’ll keep this short so you can all get your baskets ready.

We had a great time at Starkahfn Anniversary and I want to thank Niko and Leartes for joining us.

This weekend is Dun Or and we hope to see more of you and those who can not make it we want to wish you a Happy Easter.

We will be at Robin hood the 23rd but the weekend of the 28th-29th we will be carnies doing face painting and henna tattooes at Saint Charles Church.

Then we will be at crown with dragon wing. I had a discussion with her Majesty Bridget and kingdom seneschal Christain, and came up with a great solution to long anniversary courts and I would like to try it at our upcoming anniversary.

We will hold a baronial court starting at 9:30am and will then be joined at 10am with the Royals and populace that had not already gathered.

Here we will do officer changes and court and guard thanks. We have been lax in following corp. law by not having these officer and court swearing ins, so as not to make court long. I hope you all agree and we can be first barony to try this.

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~
Baroness of Altavia

We sprang forward with a force. Thank you to Meliora, Matlens, Colwyn, Alexander, all the fighters, and notorious byes. And Congrats to our finalist Gerrick and the winner of the evening Collin. It was a lot of fun for all that were there.

Cristof and I will be at Al-Sahid Anniversary this weekend and are running the archery and Thrown Weapons tournaments. If we do not have that many Altavians going we will only have a pop up on the range were we will be all day.

Cristof will be at practice this Sunday with equipment both archery and Thrown Weapons unless it rains.

He will also be running Thrown Weapons on Pentathlon Saturday until I get out of my first aid class. I will come out and stay over with Brianna and Cassandra.

We have a room (2 beds in second room and queen sofa in living room) for Starkhafn Anniversary April 7-9th. The event is in Parump so it’s about a 45 min to one hour drive. Let me know if you are interested.

Looking forward to school demo on March 30th.

As always we are hoping our artisan’s will donate to upcoming baskets for upcoming events.

March question: What are your plans for St Patrick’s Day

  • Natalyya – Going to Disneyland
  • Cecilia – Going to Disneyland
  • Cristof – Not sure, what are you doing?
  • Niko – I don’t Know???
  • Anne – Corned Beef
  • Brigid – Corned Beef
  • Juanica – Hang out with my Irish husband
  • Annwylydd – Driving Cora to Long beach
  • Courtney – I don’t know
  • Meliora – Not Sure!
  • Milinda – Watching Darby O’Gill
  • Monique – Chillin with meatloaf and mashed sweet potatoes
  • Santiago – Nada
  • Damien of Biden – Not having corned beef
  • Briana – Going to Cassandra’s cousins shindig

Door Prize winners:

  • Courtney – heart frame (for last months drawing that I was not at)
  • Niko – felted note pad
  • Meliora – necklace set

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~
Baroness of Altavia

I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day

I am sorry I’m not there to share with you but I’m presently vacationing with the Baronial Cutie at the Happiest Place on Earth.

We look forward to going to Arts and Archery this weekend and wanted to have a vote on if we want to bring the dragon wing? It is not our event and with Lyondemere and it being Queen’s Champion should we just bring pop ups?

That is the only event we have planned this month now that Talon Crescent is not happening. We will not be going to Estrella but I am going to Gulf Wars. Anyone from Altavia who’s going please pre-reg soon and make sure you request CAID entourage cabins in note section.

Excuse me if this is a little mixed up, I’m typing while in an animal cracker box swinging in circles 😖.

I will do the meeting drawing at next birthday practice and have Valentine treats.

My question for the meeting is what are your Valentines plans?

Once again sorry I couldn’t make it but it’s the Baronial cutie’s birthday week. We will be at Chucky Cheese on Friday for those who are interested.


~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~
Baroness of Altavia


Happy New Year!

Coronation was a celebration of wonder. As we danced OZ and Marissa out of court in disco fashion. We all hailed in Agrippa, red face and all, and Bridget were carried in by drawn carriage, trumpets, dancers, and palm fanning ladies — a spectacular entrance.

I was not well but stayed for feast and attended the festivities that followed at the Best Western and forgot I was sick for awhile (the ALCOHOL DID HELP).

I am sad that QC was cancelled but was glad to get home before the storms on Sunday.

Thank you to Asakura and Cristof for helping me make the tied 3 way first place in Dirty dozen for our roman cups with bags. There were 26 beautiful entries in Dirty Dozen (many from Altavia), but it was the presentation of over 1000 pieces of largess by Horsemen that was most impressive.

It has always been Bridget’s way of giving gifts to those who help and support (that’s were I get it from – my great grandma Bridget) She gave all feast servers and cooks a gift to thank them and was able to do so because of all the largess given to her.

Please keep the largess coming tokens, bracelets etc…

I will not be at Angels Melee which is now Queen’s Champion for Heavies, Rapier, Unarmored, and Youth. Baron Cristof should be there with dragon wing work permitting. Please check with him on Friday as I will be out of town.

I am planning on going to Unbelted, and am looking at patterns and fabric for a Venetian for Festival of the Rose.

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~
Baroness of Altavia

So we had a wonderful Yule and a big thank you to Guene Annwyll and Lorissa for putting together a

fabulous event!

Thank you to Niko for getting us the lovely site at his church. To Courtney for running gate,  Meliora for dance, and the wonderful talents of Griffin, Letizia, Charles, Auroa, Raine and Zoseme. To Flaxen Abbey for the changing room, and thank you to all who helped decorate, and serve as guard furring court. To all the tasty dishes, to the fun games, and dancing. We had several door prize winners and new champions
For Altavia bard the winner was Xena. We have a new chess champion Ryan of Isles.

My recollection of food contest winners:

Dessert: Was the gluten free Stolle (Chocolate covered) (even the paper tasted good )

Side: Catriona’s gluten free mac and Cheese

Main Dish: Was something by Robear (continuing his sweep of main dish entry)

Best table: Was the beautiful tree setting that Robear and company were sitting at.

Thank you again to all you made it another special memory for us as Baron and Baroness of Altavia.

We wish you all Happy Holidays, be safe and enjoy, and we will see you all next year!

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~
Baroness of Altavia