March 2018

The Baron and I sprung forward into day two of Crown-Hog Day! We were so grateful for the live feed and pictures taken of day one and I was able to see the final fight that led to our new King, Wilhelm, and his beautiful Queen, Tsyra. We were there for day two and got to see Sir Thorin go to, I believe, it was the fifth round. And we were witness to Duke Agrippa win for his consort Dawid and watch them be crowned the new Crown Princes of Caid. It was a most beautiful day! We will be attending the wedding of Skrifa and Eya, our Viking friends, this weekend. The following weekend is the Caid Artisians weekend and we will be there and look forward to lots of fun and pretty shiny’s. Our Anniversary is right around the corner so please get any award recommendations to us. It has been a pleasure being your Baroness and I want all who made this journey so wonderful to be awarded for their help in sharing the joy. We have a lot of things planned for Anniversary and can always use help at the event.

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~

Baroness of Altavia