October 10, 2017

The most interesting war in the known world … Great Western War just happened and it was interesting yes, but fabulous most definitely!

Congratulations to Courtney and Annwyll on a beautiful wedding!

This was the biggest Altavia camp ever and was so much fun. Briana and I got there Sunday with the help of Baron Cristof, (he had to leave but came back on Friday with Vanessa and Natalya). Monique and Cassandra saved the day by bringing up targets for thrown weapons. I want to thank all who volunteered at war and I hope all of you can say something about your volunteering experience to all the newcomers and those who didn’t make it to let them know how much fun you had volunteering.

Thank you to Baroness Asakura for her donation of largess. We have some great prizes for Agincourt now. A special thanks to Niko for the mouse that was left at Drieburgen’s camp. And so it begins!

Agincourt is on the 29th, but before that the Baron and I look forward to seeing you Sunday at Woodley Park for Caid Open Archery and TW. We will be there about 8:00am. Both Caid Open and Agincourt will be at Woodley Park. Please arrive early to help with set up. The 28th is Drieburgen Anniversary! Get your dead on and join us. We will have the Dragon wing and will be there about 9am. I wonder if our little mouse will attend?

~ Mistress Cecilia Medici ~

Baroness of Altavia