Altavia Champions

Altavia’s Current Champions

Court Archery Baron Bjorn Zenthffeer 10/28/18
Court Armored Combat 05/12/18
Court  Arts & Sciences Lady Amabel Radleigh 05/12/18
Court Bardic Robyn Lon Creighton of Thorndyke 12/16/17
Court Chess Natalyyia of Altavia 12/16/17
Court Equestrian Inara of Darach riding
Roxy the Wonder Pony
Court Fretted Fork
Period Division:
Non-Period Division:
Court Rapier Combat Don Nathaniel Longbow 05/12/18
Court Thrown Weapons Baron Paganus Grimlove 10/28/18
Court Unarmored Combat THL Tierrynna Caer Narvon 05/12/18
Court Youth Archery Loki of the Dell 10/23/16
Court Youth Arts & Sciences Natalya of Altavia 05/13/17
Court Youth Combat
Nicholai Stagghorn
Cora Valenzuela

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