THL Cristofanus Castellani and Mistress Cecilia Medici

Altavia’s Seventh Baron and Baroness


  • Cecilia – Penicillin, cats, and Kentucky Blue Grass
  • Cristofanus – None.


  • Cecilia was born on December 1, 1531 in Florence, Italy and was secretly taken from her then-unwed mother and was given to Medici relatives to raise. At age 7, when betrothed, she ran away and disguised herself as a boy where she met an executioner. It is then she began an apprenticeship in the arts of weaponry. When she could no longer pass as a boy, she ran off with gypsies. It was then in her early teens that she learned who her birth mother really was (Catherine Medici, now Queen of France) and was on the run from those who wished her harm. She found her way to foreign lands and was enlisted as a secret assassin.
  • Cristofanus will have his story told soon.


  • Cecilia: Purple, Green, and Gold.
  • Cristofanus: Red, Gold, and Black.

Fabric preferences:

  • Cecilia: Linen, Silk Noille and Dupione, Brocade.
  • Cristofanus: Linen.

Food preferences:

  • Cecilia is vegetarian, bordering on vegan.
  • Cristofanus: No fish! (shellfish ok), nuts, cheese, and occasional veggies and chocolate.

Gifts wishes:

  • Cecilia: Fabric, gas cards, and loaner gear for all forms of combat.
  • Cristofanus: Gas cards, help with fancier garb, and loaner gear for all forms of combat.

Regalia Wishes:

  • Pavilion walls
  • Loaner gear for all fighting forms