Altavia’s LOI 7th

THL Cristofanus Castellani
and Mistress Cecilia Medici

Altavia’s Seventh Heirs

A Letter of Intent for Baron and Baroness for the Barony of Altavia:

We (Cristofanus Castaneli and Cecilia Medici) started playing this wonderful game at Potrero Wars, when they were held twice a year. It wasn’t long before we were swept up into the forces of all that is the SCA, and what the SCA has to offer, and we became members. We have now been playing seriously in the SCA and in Altavia for about 7 years now.

There was a question posed to us about 4 years ago, “Would we consider writing a letter of intent with the possibilities of becoming the next Baron and Baroness of Altavia.”. Of course we were quite honored at the prospect. Much needed to be considered, as this was understandably not a small commitment and we would not take it lightly. We both are very involved in many activities in the SCA which we serve to maintain in both Altavia and all of Caid. We would have to take into account all of the responsibilities we currently have and those in which we would have as a Baron and Baroness. After literally years of discussion and consideration for all involved, we have decided to throw our hats in the ring.

Many have told us we compliment each other, that the SCA has been something we do well together. We believe this to be true. Our relationship is strong, our finances are stable. We have time, with Cecilia being retired, and Cristof’s flexible work schedule, we have the time to get to most every Caid event and even some out of Kingdom Wars and events as well. This will continue whether or not we become Baron and Baroness.

As far as commitment, I believe our record of service shows we are committed, not because we’ve had to, but because we love playing the game, have fun doing it, and shall remain committed to the Dream, committed to Caid and the amazing Barony of Altavia. We know our best intentions will come through when it comes to decisions made that affect the lives of our beloved Barony and all its people. We have an incredible Barony of people with so many talents, that are always there to support the Barony. We would be honored to be able to take the Barony of Altavia forward to grow even bigger (if that’s possible)!

Yours In Service,
~Mistress Cecilia Medici
THL Cristofanus Castellani


At Altavia’s 31st Anniversary Tournament on May 10th, 2014,
Baron Secca and Baroness Meliora will be stepping down from Altavia’s thrones

The Baronial Succession Process: