September 2019

Happy September, Altavia!

Angels Anniversary was a totally rad blast from the 80s past! His Excellency and I want to thank everyone that helped to set up and tear down, especially our friends in the Horsemen, Captain Cassandra de Lorraine and our Flaxen Abbey brother and sister, Eadric The-Younger and Molly Marking.

Congrats to all who were recognized for their awesomeness including the newest court Baroness Fu Ching Lan and our two new Peers-to-Be, Baroness Sophia (Laurel) and THL Garrick  (Defense)!

Congrats, also, to the victors of the day’s contests including Duke Sven for armored, Altavia’s very own Don Nathaniel Longbow for rapier, and Sehket of the Horsemen for A&S (her second A&S win and only her third event…holy wow!)

I feel absolutely re-energized about the SCA after such a lovely day! We can’t wait to see who are new heirs will be next week at Crown and to spend a full week with our chosen family at GWW!

Love you all <3

Baroness Briana MacCabe

Baron Nikolaos Phaistos