September/October 2019

We started the month off with a hot time at Crown Tourney. Thank you to all the Altavians who volunteered, guarded, marshaled, heralded, reported and fought. The excitement melted our hearts and like a volcano erupted new heirs: Alexander and Tahira.

Then at Caid rapier open, Altavians we’re all over. We were fiber frolicking, heralding, marshaling, fighting and just having a great time. We had three Altavians in the quarter finals and they all fought admirably. The weather was glorious and so was the company.

Finally, Great Western War! What a wonderful week! Every Altavian we talked to said they had an excellent time! Bardic, fighting heavies or rapier, shopping, cooking, eating, archery, throwing weapons and SMORES! Every day and every night was filled with fun and laughter. So many things to do and watch. It was spectacular!

On a personal note, thank you all for the support and hugs you have given me, Niko, in these difficult days. I will be back in my feet soon enough.

Looking to the future, we have Agincourt and Agincourt Feast at the end of the month. Come on out and shoot, throw, cook and eat with us. It is sure to be a stupendous day.

Thank you all for being so Excellent!

The Baron and Baroness